Saturday, January 28, 2017

Old Poetry

So, I was going through some old Notes I'd posted to facebook, some from years ago, some from merely months ago. And I decided to give them a different forum, by posting them here, 2/day, until they're all posted. There aren't many, so it should only last 2, maybe 3 days.


I see you seeing me,
Yet seeing is where it ceases;
Quick glances, long looks,
Overwhelming me with ocular teases.

I see you seeing me -
Is there really interest in your eyes?
Or are you merely observing me
Like a scientist does a fruit fly?

I see you seeing me
And wonder what's going through your mind;
Just what is it that you're seeking,
What are you trying to find?

I see you seeing me
Time after time after time.
Is there meaning behing your actions?
Or is it without reason or rhyme?

I see you seeing me...
Or do I?

©2012, Trina High


the thoughts, they overwhelm me
   like water coursing down a whirlpool.
       the thoughts, they drown me.
            funneling. a tornado in my mind.

               chaos. disorganization. discombobulating me until my mind
  and my eyes
©2012, Trina High

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