An excerpt from Book I of the children's 
"For the Bible Tells Me So" series I started


    "Aaaaaaagggghhhhhh!" Eight-year-old Joshua Michael Wilkes screamed as the cop finished handcuffing him and started reading him his rights. 
    "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say-"
    "Noooo!" Joshua interrupted, "I'm just a child! I'm sorry, pleeeease-" 
   "can and will be used against you in a Court-"
    At the word 'Court', Joshua yelled again and fought against the restraints, ending up on the ground. As soon as he hit the cement, his arms flew free and the officer stopped talking. Timidly, Joshua opened his eyes and saw......
    That he was in his own bedroom. On the floor. "Oh, thank goodness," he thought, "It was just a dream." As he stood up to get back into bed, his eyes landed on the toy and its card on his bedshelf. It was the card that was the source of his nightmare. And of much guilt the day before. It had all started the previous morning...

©1999, Trina High


Grandma was a kind ole lady,
Loved by one and all.
A paragon of virtue, I thought,
'Til she got arrested at the Mall.

Grandma had been dealin' drugs,
To young and old, the same.
From the north and south, east and west,
To Grandma's house, they came.

So we gathered up the money we needed,
And bailed poor Granny out.
Then on the way home, we asked her,
Just what was that all about

"Well, honey", she said,
As she cleaned her glasses,
"That was some bullshit,
And I'd like to ream their asses!"

How I wanted to believe her,
That her words did ring true,
That "sellin' that stuff"
Wasn't something she'd do.

©2011, Trina High

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